In RuNet sold the most expensive domain name –

by admin

The most expensive cash transactions in buying and selling domain names in RuNet called Auction Domain Price subject of the contract is 100 000 US dollars.

The new owner of the domain became Mr. Eugene Gordeev – head of the fund venture projects Russian Ventures. His new acquisition Gordeev plans to use as an experimental platform for testing e-commerce projects. According to E. Gordeeva spent their money quickly pay off.

Lucky buyer believes that in the next year online services in Russia will be very popular. In particular, this is due to host the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Because buying a new domain for experimenting with new formats of e-commerce services uniquely bring profit to its new owner.

Which way Eugene Gordeev plans to monetize its new acquisition is not yet known. But exactly clear that the launch of a new project using the domain name timed to coincide with the first in February 2014.

On the creation of this web-project for the last six months working at the same time several experienced web-masters.

Some time ago there were rumors about the opening on the domain name new social project for the participants and guests of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. However, this information was later refuted.

For the first time the creation of a domain name heard back in 2004. The domain was owned by Jan Nevsterueva. In 2010, the domain was resold chapter Art Bureau Creators Vyacheslav Semenchukov. Then the value of the transaction amounted to 2.5 million rubles. Recall the most expensive deal to sell the domain name Internet has made 13 million dollars, a numeric domain – 2.1 million US dollars.